Costa Rica Manzanita

Yes, it’s a bearberry from the volcanic midsection of Costa Rica.


Arctostaphylos arbutoides ssp. costaricensis

Also known as Comarostaphylis arbutoides ssp. costaricensis

You can pick either name you prefer, but I certainly recognize those small dark green leaves, the ripe round delicious looking berries, and the unmistakable bell shaped flowers.

The journal Brittonia has this to say about it:

Endemic to the Cordillera Central of Costa Rica… at ca. 2500-3430 m. It is an important component of the ericaceous scrub on the crater rim of Volcán Irazú and is abundant in the otherwise nearly barren areas of volcanic ash. Flowering and fruiting throughout the year.

They  distinguish the Comarostaphylis from the Arctostaphylos by the

The papillate fruit surface of  Comarostaphylis unambiguously distinguishes it from the smooth-fruited Arctostaphylos.

Now we know the difference, and we can all go out and distinguish them ourselves.

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