Competitive Gardening Olympics-Style

The Chicago Tribune is inspired by the upcoming olympics to write about competitive gardening. I took an interest in the competitive succulent gardening section, of course.

Among the women of the Lake Forest Garden Club, the competitive spirit may be less muscular in its expression, but it is no less intense. Earlier this year, four of them spent months nurturing a jewel-like miniature landscape of junipers and succulents inspired by an Afghan rug woven in a traditional Persian garden design. The effort won their club a blue ribbon, defeating five other North Shore clubs in the Show of Summer, held at the Chicago Botanic Garden in June.

Good for them. They got written up in one of the largest newspapers in the country because of their skill putting together little itty bitty succulents with junipers. You just never know what the premier news writers in this country will find news worthy.

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