Jeff Smith has a new comic out and for inspiration he went to the desert and communed with the cactus. Publisher’s Weekly has the interview:

JS: Part of the story takes place in the southwest, in the desert. I said [to myself], I’m just going to go there and spend some time and empty my head out. Nature abhors a vacuum. So all the crap that was in your head just goes out. I was able to just listen and think and put my story together. And since part of RASL’s tale takes place there in the desert—for a reason that becomes clear in the story—I was able to be there and just immerse myself in the moment and let my mind wander until I came up with all the stuff I needed for the story and get really fired up.

PWCW: That’s awesome. Did you get all the cactus burrs out?

JS: I have two splinters, spurs, whatever you want to call them, that I can’t get out. They’re really killing me. They are wicked. Some of those cactus stickers are amazing, aren’t they?


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