Cold Greenhouse

From across the pond, we find the british are asking all the right questions in this time of rising fuel bills and economic turmoil:

How do you keep tender plants alive without resorting to a greenhouse heater? Lia Leendertz has some answers


I wonder what her answers could be? Shall we read on?

We shall!

I patched up the cracks and bought a whole new roll of bubblewrap, plus those fancy attachers that hold the bubblewrap away from the glass, so creating an extra layer of insulating air. I have painstakingly covered every inch of glass, overlapping generously at every seam. I have lined the base of the walls with thick layers of cardboard, and moved the table away from the sunny side, so the sun can shine on the paving and heat it up. I made a door of overlapping bubblewrap flaps that ET’s captors would have been proud of and I have fleece to hurl directly over the plants when it gets really cold, and some of those fleece bags to put over the larger plants. This weekend, I will move in a water butt, and fill it up, the idea being that it regulates temperature, preventing the surrounding air from getting either too hot, or I pray too cold.

Those are actually all pretty good ideas. Especially making the greenhouse into an ET-like prison.


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