Cleveland Cactus Get a Makeover

It’s that time of the year in Ohio when the Cleveland area residents who like to purchase some cactus get together and have a show. And they grandiosely call it the Midwest Cactus and Succulent Show. I wonder how the people in MN and IN and IA all feel about that cooptation?

Anyway, on to the details.

(T)he Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society Show and Sale (is this) Saturday and Sunday at Cleveland Botanical Garden…..

The cactus event is getting more space this year. Previously, the show and sale took place in the same room. This year the display will be in one space and the sale in another.

Now that’s is good news.

Cactus enthusiasts are intrigued by the vast variety of the plants’ shapes, sizes, textures and colors, says Hendricks, president of Klyn Nurseries in Perry.

As are we all.

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