Clay Balls

From Amy Stewart at Garden Rant:

…You’ll walk into the garden center and walk around for a little while, lost and confused, until some helpful employee walks up and asked you what you’re looking for. You won’t want to ask, because it sounds so weird, but eventually you’ll have no choice but to say, “Uh—do you have—uh—any clay spheres?”

The employee will light up and say, “Of course. They’re over here.” He or she will lead you to the section in the garden center where they keep flowerpots. There, among the pots, will be these things. Clay spheres. There’s really no other way to describe them….

Actually, I like to refer to them as “clay balls” to our customers. We have them scattered around the nursery so you can see them in action. They are an oddity that some people just have to have. What are ya gonna do?

The small ones are solid, but the large ones are hollow! The glazed balls have a bottom, with a large hole.

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