Chris' Photos, Part 3

In which it is revealed that Chris is one of the nursery’s customers.

Now what did Chris say about this one? He claims we had it mislabeled! Actually, we never labeled it in the first place, since we weren’t sure, but we did bring out the big book of cactus when he bought it and picked out a mamillaria that we thought it might be. But now that the bloom is open it appears we were wrong. It…

is a picture of that “mammilaria” I bought a few weeks ago in bloom. I think it’s Thelocactus conothelos (I found a copy of Preston-Mafham’s “Cactus: The Illustrated Dictionary” at Moe’s — woo hoo!).

That’s not fair, I went to Moe’s on Tuesday and found nothing. However, looking in Anderson’s The Cactus Family, it certainly seems possible that Chris is correct! And I love the lemon yellow.

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