Chattanooga Succulents

How to care for indoor succulents in Tennessee is a question I often get asked. Finally, the Chattanooga Times Free Press has the answers. I’ve reduced their 5 tips to bullet points for you, but you can click through for the full Tennessee tale.

1. Make sure succulents have full sun to part shade.

That’s kind of a broad standard that will hold true for most plants in the world. Yay!

2. Do not overwater.

Now I love this piece of advice, because it’s so true. If I had to tell you one thing to take away from this article, it’s bullet point number 2.

3. Use a good-quality “soil-less” soil.


4. Recommended varieties: Aeonium Tip Top, Dyckia Hybrid Burgundy Ice, Echeveria Nodulosa, Sedum Coppertone, Echeveria Black Prince and Kalanchoe Thyrisifolia

I don’t know why those particular varieties, many of which are patented, are the recommended varieties for Chattanooga. I suppose it’s all good. Of course, species names should be lowercase and cultivar names, especially the patented ones, should be in quotes. There I go getting all pedantic on you again. Shame on me.

5. Planting pointer: Mix them with hardy succulents (not listed) for different textures.

Now that’s just not very helpful. Pictures would have been helpful though.

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