CBS News and Cactus Art

CBS News’ The Early Show featured some cactus and succulents in a mixed container garden for spring.

Shirley Bovshow, garden designer and co-host of “Garden Police” on the Discovery Home Channel, says playing in the dirt now will get your plants AND your spirits ready for the sunny days ahead!…

On The Early Show Thursday, Bovshow offered some creative ideas…

Her next pot is full of succulents — the hot plants of the gardening world right now. Succulents are smooth, plump plants full of moisture. Because they store so much moisture in their leaves, stems or roots, they can survive periods of drought much better than other plants. A cactus is an example, but there are many different types, and they can be quite beautiful. By adding a simple statue to her plantings, Bovshow’s arrangement becomes a piece of art.

I think they may be defining art down. Now why couldn’t they recommend some spinier plants? I think CBS’ older demographic is ready for spinier plants. But I do like this adding of statuary idea. My grandmother always had small statues hanging around on the side tables and they would have looked very festive in a pot of cactus. Send us your photos and I’ll post them here.

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