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Kayaking in a little discovered part of Mexico’s Baja California, resorts and tequila bars are Baja California’s best-known attractions. But up the coast, the quiet waters of protected Loreto Bay hold almost 900 species of fish — and few tourists, at least for now…


(Darryl Leniuk for The Globe and Mail)
Limestone cliffs, dolphins and cardon cactus: The park and its five islands – including Danzante, offer an unusual combination of marine life and picturesque desert.

I wonder why Canadians insist on skipping right over the US and traveling to Mexico for their vacations. Don’t they know they are very close to Sandusky, Ohio, home of the Sandusky Speedway.

I always have enjoyed my visits to Minnesota’s Walker Art Center and it’s fish sculptures.

Plus, here in the US we have the World’s Largest Holstein Cow in New Salem, North Dakota. I can vouch for it; I’ve seen it in person. And the Canadian border is so close, they can practically smell it.

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