California Native Gardens

They go for the native plants to complement their cactus and succulent gardens in Pasadena, a town where I understand they would otherwise prefer the roses.

Consider California native plants, which are more than just succulents and cactus. Many are flowering and many were used for food or medicinal purposes by Native Americans….

Acuña pointed at the silver-leaved Artemesia tridentate. The Tongva, who called it “wikwat,” gathered the seeds and ground them into a mush. The leaves and branches were used in sweathouses. A medicinal tea for stomach-aches was made from the leaves, which were also used to make a green dye for tattooing.

I’ve been to a couple of those Rose Bowls and man were there a lot of rose logos around. I also saw the aftermath of the parades, where the streets were strewn with excess flowers.

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