Cactus Won't Bloom Up in Canada

From a Canadian newspaper, we get this tale of woe:

Patience has been a theme of many garden-related conversations I have had lately.

For example, someone told me they had planted several new perennials recently and wondered why they were not blooming yet. I asked how long ago the perennials were planted, the response, “sometime last week.” Another person asked me why his magnolia was not blooming after being planted for three years. And a friend of mine asked me why his cactus that I gave him as a birthday gift was not flowering.

All three questions and a multitude of others have a similar theme: why isn’t my plant flowering? The answer is not always the same. For instance, the cactus only flowers at night, so my friend would never get to see it unless he was up at midnight staring at the thing.

You know, I think another reason that the plants may not have bloomed is that they’re in Canada. That’s just my theory, but I do have some scientific backing for this theory that is mine. For instance, there are mink running wild in Canada, and I’ve heard of Elk being free and wild up there too. So you can understand my concern for the cactus.

On top of that, night-blooming cacti blooms are generally still open the next morning, and aren’t fully done until around noon, earlier if it’s very hot, but then that’s the whole thing, now isn’t it, of their being up in Canada, where it isn’t so hot.

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