Cactus vs. Bamboo, the Texas Smackdown

McClatchy News has a simple and unassuming article about going green in Texas, referring to LEED certified homes and such. But what I was interested in was the clear and unambiguous competition between cactus and bamboo. Which is greener? Which will win out for more points in your LEED certification process that your architect can check off the list?

“It’s pretty much an experiment,” says Ward, 52, of his new home…

“Cork, stucco, wood, cinder block, steel, laminate … they’re just used in a more precise way.”…

Low-maintenance mass plantings of cactus and native grasses add subtle texture, and a few potted plants such as bamboo and succulents blend well with the home’s tactile exterior.

Aha! We have a winner! The cactus are planted in the ground while the bamboo, poor things, are stuck, even confined, in pots. Over time, the entire yard will be overtaken by the prickly pears, while the bamboo will eventually outgrow the pot and die. It is very sad to see a competition like this get so brutal, so very very brutal.

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