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News that’s fit to print in the NY Times.

It’s finally here. Cactus Vodka! Perfect for a vodka drink featuring cactus! The article is from the NY Times so hopefully the link will work for you, what with their new paywall and all. You’d think with this being written essentially as an advertisement for Skyy Vodka that they’d make sure the link to the article would work for everyone, paywall or not.

A Fruit With a Future

Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

“For a marketer, it’s a dream come true, because how many dragon puns can you come up with?” said Andrea Conzonato, the chief marketing officer for Skyy vodka. “An orange is an orange. A raspberry is a raspberry. But then you find a dragon fruit, and you’re like, Where did this come from? Why did I not know about this before?”

That is one sexy dragon fruit photo. And then it gets sexier yet. The NYTimes prints celebrities posing with dragon fruit for some odd reason. Oh yeah, baby, now I really want some dragon fruit.

Michael Buckner/WireImage

CELEBRITY STATUS Escorted by Omar Epps, Brandy and Keisha Spivy.

I don’t understand.

Finally, they published a photo of Skyy’s new bottle, because a “Paper of Record” can’t advertorialize a brand of vodka properly if they don’t show a bottle.

I wonder how much they got paid for this? I got nothin’. But it is interesting in a socialogic journolistical kind of way. Plus, you know, Cactus!

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