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An article about cute little cactus pots called, The Beauty of Cactus, in the Telegraph starts out by calling them,

angry-looking gherkins in little plastic pots at country fairs

Wha?? That’s not fair. Now I’m angry.

“I haven’t much of an opinion on cactuses,” says Piers, after a sniffy silence, “It has always seemed to me that the more fag butts that are stubbed out on them, the better they grow.”

That is just rude.

waxy coating and bulbous shapes

OK, we get it. You hate cactuses.

cactuses are aesthetically strange but – to anthropomorphise wildly – psychologically fascinating plants: ….cactuses are best admired from afar

Anything else you want to add before close out this sad chapter in your cactus-less life?

Cactus romantics who need a quick fix should visit the arid zone of the Princess of Wales Conservatory at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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