Cactus Towers

Verizon has a unique way to hide some cell towers in Casa Grande, and I don’t mean invisible ink.

The tower will… blend into the landscape, looking like a 24-foot saguaro cactus. Dubbed the “Stealth Cactus,” the Verizon cell tower “monocactus” will be joined by four live saguaros on the currently bare hill to match area landscapes.

This is very good news. I foresee some new towers in many interesting and happy shapes. For instance, in Philadelphia, they’ll be in the shape of a big bell.

And in San Francisco, they could hide them on the hills looking like a cable car.

How about for Buffalo they could hide them in a snow drift?

I like the idea of a giant crab in Baltimore; a big pot of beans in Boston; a 2000lb lobster in Maine, and a pig in Nebraska…. Hey! Now there’s an idea…. The world’s largest cell-phone-tower-pig! I’d stop by to see it.

Any other ideas?


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