Cactus Teapots, Just in Time

‘Tis the season for teapots. Cactus teapots. All kinds and sizes of cactus teapots. Some are more functional, others are more attractive, and most are available for you to buy right now.

Tea for One By Decole Japan at Sugar Pine Beauty

Mini Cactus teapot from Mary’s Teapots at Tea Infusion

1 inch Cactus teapots for $2 each from Siamsmalls

Cactus teapot by FF Japan on Ebay Canada

And one more special teapot after the break….

Paul Cardew’s second teapot design, the Desert Cactus, now much treasured by collectors.

Teapot Times: “Do you have similar fond memories of the second design you produced?”

Paul Cardew: “Yes – although this piece was completely different! I’ve always been a fan of classic Westerns; you know, John Wayne, Wells Fargo and all that sort of thing. My second teapot replicated a desert cactus, and we produced about 3000 copies, many with individual ‘WANTED’ posters showing some very unsavoury characters (mostly still working here at Cardew Design!!) These Cactus teapots sold for about £7.50 at the time – although they’re worth a great deal more now. We still get asked to produce the design again, but regrettably I’ve mislaid the master mould!!”

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