Cactus Snowglobe

Not very attractive. But that’s what you get when you google around.

And in addition, google came up with this Richard Thomas movie vehicle from 1971, Cactus in the Snow.

Bing came up with this, which doesn’t seem like a snowy addition to the cactus family to me, but then I suppose microsoft knows better than I do what I was looking for.

It may not be snowy in there, but it is the cutest darn cattle-rastlin’ cactus evah!

Just so you know, YouTube came up with a Kenny G. Christmas song, so I don’t recommend clicking the link, but to be fair there is snow on cactus in the video. Now that I think about it, I dare you to watch it! Grab a screencap if you can, ’cause the cactus snowglobe makes an appearance at 1:12.

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