Cactus Milk for Sale

A newspaper in North Carolina tries out new products so you don’t have to and asks a good question.

The marketing: Both products ask me if I “want skin she can’t wait to get her hands on!” The shower scrub claims it contains cactus milk that exfoliates your skin, leaving it smooth and energized so she’ll keep coming back. (What is cactus milk?)

What is cactus milk? I should be able to handle that one for them. But no, I can’t maybe we could check wikipedia. Nope, nothing there. Google? Well, with this blog entry, I’m going to be the number one result on google for “cactus milk” by the end of the day. Just try it out. Anyway,¬†Euphorbia abyssinica is sometimes called the Milk Tree, or even Milk Cactus, though it is not a cactus at all.¬†

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