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It’s on the DIY network, if you get that. A show called Bath Crashers where they renovate bathrooms. I blogged the shoot here. Here’s the info on when it will air. I’ll remind you right before the 20th.

Floating Waterfall Tub

September 20, 2010
9:00 PM e/p

This bathroom transformation makes its way outdoors! What was once a dark bathroom with Seventies lava rock in the tub room, dated dark floors and golden swan fixtures gets completely gutted and is opened up by taking advantage of an unused courtyard and incorporating it into this bathroom revamp! The outdoor floating tub is the main event in this “crash!” The crew takes advantage of some outdoor real estate and opens the shower room into a garden tub room, where they set the freestanding tub in a shallow pond and create a serene waterfall that cascades behind it! Throw in a ceiling mount tub filler, modern privacy panels and slate pavestones and these homeowners are blown away!

Here’s a picture of the host, who designs and renovates the bathrooms on TV.

The last time Cactus Jungle got product on TV was almost 3 years ago!

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