Cactus in Singapore?

It makes the news when a cactus in Singapore blooms, and well it should!

Madam Sharon Goh, director of Candy Floriculture, a nursery in Thomson Road, says: ‘Younger-generation customers are looking for something unique…’

To cater to this new demand, nurseries all over Singapore are also importing a plethora of unusual plants, such as pitcher plants and cacti, for Chinese New Year.

Both are not particularly auspicious, since the pitcher plant is carnivorous and some cacti have sharp spikes. But nurseries have put a new spin on them.

Mr Lee Meng Kwan, assistant general manager of World Farm, a nursery in Bah Soon Pah Road, says: ‘The pitchers hold water and water to the Chinese represents wealth.’

The cactus plants are topped with a flower that is the colour of Chinese New Year – red.

OK, so let me get this straight. The cactus are not blooming, but to make them more palatable to a chinese audience they’re gluing red paper blooms on top. It’s an outrage! I won’t stand for this sitting down!

We do actually get some people in the nursery telling us that cactus are not good feng shui, and I say to them, “pah.”

But then they buy the large Sansevieria cylindrica for good luck and all is forgiven.

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