Cactus in India

I really enjoyed the opening paragraphs to this article from the Deccan Herald.

Alas with so much hustle and bustle about roses and hollyhocks, and velvet cockscombs no-one bothered to invite their cheeky cousins, the prettiest oddest, alien Cinderellas to the Glass House!

But they didn’t seem too bothered – they were Lal Bag’s most gorgeous cactus and the succulents, who stayed home like the mean witch kept away from Sleeping beauty’s birthday party, in their very own Cactus House…

It’s a very mysterious thing, full of Disney Princesses and cactus. I feel like I should stop right here, and not read any further. But no! Too late! I already read this part,

…make up their very own… stars, clusters, bows, ties, hair bands and plaits and buns! Some even have the cheek to resemble chocolate muffins…

Do tell…

…dressmakers from an alien planet…

The new giant planet out in the oort cloud?

…patios of glass-filled underwater-themed restaurants…

We are talking about cactus, right?

As if they have landed from a mad boutique…

This is too much. Unacceptable!

…Last month I cut my finger badly in the garden and bled horridly…

By now you probably think I’ve made the whole thing up. No, actually, I only made up one of these quotes about cactus. Can you guess which one? Read the whole article if you don’t believe me, and please go ahead and tell me in the comments what you think this article is really all about, because I DON’T KNOW!

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