Cactus Costumes, Part 2

More Cactus Costumes from the internets! I don’t own these! Not the costumes and not the pictures! I don’t sell them either! Enjoy!

cactus costume4

Holy Cow it’s the same costume as yesterday, but in Adult size! And this time we have a link to a website that sells them and has it in stock. For a very reasonable $90. Well, maybe reasonable is a relative term.

I think we could get that one for Keith to wear at the store on a regular basis. At least on the weekends.

cactus costume5

Burda Style’s cactus costume comes with a story.

When I asked my son what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said, “a saguaro cactus.” ?? Sure, no problem 😉 lol! It took a whole lot of fiberfill to stuff the channels. A big hit though, he loved it! Only one person asked him if he was Larry the Pickle from Veggie Tales.

Good Job!

cactus costume6

Finally we have another little kid in a cactus costume. A baby! And the costume is available for sale on ebay. Quality!

Every year I see the quality of the top cactus costumes in the country gets better, so if you want to be featured in next years post, or maybe in a November followup, send along your photos ASAP!

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