Cactus Costumes, Part 1

Every year I post the best of the Cactus Costumes I find around the nets. These are not my costumes, I don’t make them I don’t sell them I don’t own them. I borrow the pictures so you can enjoy the sights of the best of the Cactus Costumes every year. Like this year!!!

cactus costume1

First up is Laura D. out of Washington. Nice! How did she get those giant curved arms to stay up?

cactus costume2

Here’s one that looks like it was once for sale at a store, but the page doesn’t exist anymore, just the image remains online. Looks like it was a very reasonably priced costume with flowers attached.

cactus costume3

And finally for today we have a Quilter’s pair of cute little kids! Oh, and they’re wearing homemade cactus costumes. If you click through the link you can also find the amazing Blowfish Costumes.

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