Cactus Architecture

Here’s the 3rd building I’ve heard of claiming to be inspired by a cactus. Yeah, right, whatever.


The Minister of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture (MMAA) in Qatar is getting a brand new office building that takes the form of a towering cactus. Designed by Bangkok-based Aesthetics Architects, the modern office and adjoining botanical dome take cues from cacti and the way that they successfully survive in hot, dry environments.

Here’s another one.

Peter Eisenman’s barrel cactus and football emporium also.

Honestly, I’m just plain skeptical of architectural claims of inspiration. Nothing is worse than an architect claiming her building is inspired by Mozart, or based on the organic principals of earth wind fire and water. Oy, the agony. I hope none of my old classmates read my blog, or they might recognize themselves there a little bit. 😉

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