Cactus and Balloons

Who knew that if you attached some balloons to a Beavertail Cactus you could sell tickets to it.

Cactus and balloons

(In) Rodney Graham’s latest exhibition at Lisson Gallery (29 Bell Street, London, UK),… Cactus Fan depicts a scientist pondering a strange object, perhaps a gift: a cactus plant with four vibrantly coloured helium balloons attached to it.

I’m guessing that what we have a here is a scientist, or more specifically a botanist, who is experimenting with the effects of weightlessness in outer-space on the growth habits of a common cactus. However this particular scientist does not have the budget to complete the experiment in space, so instead we get balloons. The helium will have dissipated in a day or two, so the scientist in question must constantly remain on vigil and replace these balloons quickly and efficiently multiple times per week.

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