Building a Hanging Succulent Wall Unit

Out of wood!

Hi there,
I was hoping to stop by this weekend to purchase several succulents and I was hoping to ask for some advice. I’m going to endeavor to build a frame of sorts for the succulents, so that I might hang them on the garden fence, like a picture. I was wondering if you all had ever tried it, since it appears to be something that the whole world and their aunt’s seem to be talking about!

If you have, might you have any advice as to how to build it, what materials to use, or if you know of a tutorial I might be able to work through?

Thanks very much for your time and I’m looking forward to stopping by the shop Saturday morning!


We do make them and it’s a bit complicated. We use L-shaped wood and miter the corners to create a box with a lip to attach a piece of hardware cloth or plastic netting to the underside of the lip. Then we fill with green moss up front and rock wool at the back. A piece of rigid plastic on the back holds it all in place. Then we take succulent cuttings and stick them through the mesh and lay flat for 2 to 3 months for the cuttings to root. Like This!

The other options are premade wall systems that can take soil, of which we carry 2 different types.


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