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Cactus Jungle, Marin Grand Opening

We are having our Grand Opening for our new Marin store in San Anselmo, CA all weekend long!

Cactus Jungle, Marin
130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Anselmo, CA 94960
415 870-9930

March 16-18 San Anselmo Grand Opening Schedule of Events:
Open 10a-5p

March 16 – 30 Berkeley and San Anselmo
• 30% OFF Pottery Sale – All outdoor terra cotta, glazed and concrete pots and planters are 30% Off, handmade artist pots not included.

San Anselmo Grand Opening:
March 16 – 18

• Free Coffee in the morning and wine/beer/cider late in the day.
• Snacks all day, including Vegan and GF options.
• Plant Raffles each day, come by and see what we’re raffling off!

March 16, Friday
10a-5p Cactus Jungle Staff available for repot help at our Potting Station.
Do you have a plant that you keep meaning to repot, but keep putting it off because you’re not sure what to do? Bring it in and our staff will help you pick the right soil, the right pot, and show you how to repot it!
3pm Cactus and Succulents 101 with Peter Lipson
Ever wondered why succulents are, well, succulent? Do you know the difference between a cactus and a succulent? Have you been pondering why we love these plants so much? Get answers to these questions and more that you didn’t even know you had with Peter, one of the owners of Cactus Jungle.

March 17, Saturday
11am Houseplants 101 – How to select and care for your houseplants with Kali Lader
Learn all about the latest trends in houseplants, how to pick them for your home and how to keep them alive through quality care.
3pm Propagating Succulents 101- Magic! With Anne Smith
Come talk to our Production Manager, Anne, and learn some of the tricks of the trade of propagating succulents! Learn how to take cuttings, root them out, and go from a single piece of plant to a big healthy succulent.

March 18, Sunday
3pm Dangerous Plants: How to handle plants that fight back with Hap Hollibaugh
Hap, Owner of Cactus Jungle, will show you how we repot and propagate our most spiny and stabby of plants as safely as can be done!



Leucadendron “Jester”

Sunshine Conebush

Origin: South Africa

L. salignum “Jester”

Evergreen Shrub
Dense, vigorous growing shrub with strongly, brightly, visibly variegated leaves. Red bracts are great for arrangements. Good for coastal gardens.

Temperature: Hardy to 25°F

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Low


Succulent Roof

Hi there, just want to share a sight from a walk yesterday. This is one of those free little libraries, but with an awesome roof composed entirely of succulents, on both sides. It’s off Colusa in North Berkeley.

Pretty neat, eh?



Cactus Jungle Opening Nursery in Marin

Cactus Jungle comes to San Anselmo
Cactus Jungle, based in Berkeley, is branching out with a store on the former Sunnyside Nursery site in San Anselmo.

By PJ Bremier, Marin Independent Journal

In San Anselmo, it’s a new nursery for the New Year. That’s the good news for Ross Valley gardeners as Cactus Jungle is moving into the vacant former Sunnyside Nursery location in San Anselmo.

Sunnyside, which operated from 1940 to 2015, was a local favorite known for its good selection of plants, helpful staff with deep knowledge of plants and its own Marin growing grounds. Then Armstrong Garden Centers opened there, but closed this summer.

That makes Cactus Jungle, based in Berkeley, only the third nursery there in more than 75 years…

Click through to read the rest. Find out when we’re opening! Find out what we’re planning!


The Future is Cactus

According to

We’ll All Be Eating Cactus in the Future Thanks to Climate Change
by Katie Valentine

…the prickly pear cactus, a humble plant that, according to a new book co-published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, can serve as a lifesaving crop for many countries…

“It’s actually a fairly amazing crop that can grow in most dry areas of the world,” Makiko Taguchi, a cactus expert at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, told Earther. “And the dry areas of the world are expanding in some places.”

Oh, and it’s delicious!

Prickly Pear Margarita


coarse salt as needed
2 fluid ounces tequila
2 fluid ounces sweet and sour mix

1 fluid ounce triple sec
1 fluid ounce lime juice
1 fluid ounce prickly pear syrup

Click thru to see the rest of the instructions.


We Get Sick Cactus Questions

hey there…. i was wonder if you could help me with my cactus…. we had mealie mites and i used a insecticidal soap. then this started to happened and fast. could it be corking? i don’t think its root rot. i dealt with that before. is there something we can do to save it?

Could we cut the bad out of the cactus and callus it and replant? the tops don’t seam to be infected..

thank you for any help you can provide!!!


It looks to me like you have 2 plants with the same problem. After the infestation, which the soap didn’t fix, the plants would have been susceptible to infection.

I would recommend getting the 3 of them out of that soil, and repotting the 1 healthy one on its own. You can take tip cuttings of the other 2 if you can cut above the infection. When you cut, if the flesh is clean and white then you can let it callous over for a week before planting. Since it’s winter I recommend Sulfur Dust on the cut end to help prevent fungus. If the cut end is not clean then keep cutting upward til you get to clean flesh, or if the infection is all the way through the plant then it is not saveable.



Cactus Cupcakes 

Are you wondering why no nobody in New York has offered a holiday cupcake party with a cactus and succulent theme? Cupcake Decorating Workshop by The Sill has you covered, if you are available and in New York next Tuesday only. Nice!

I wonder if they teach you how to make delicious cupcakes, or just how to decorate any old cupcake.

You will learn how to decorate cupcakes like a pro. 

OK! No good cupcakes, only decorative frostings. I mean, I assume they don’t prevent you from using delicious cupcakes, but it’s hard to say for sure. 

And what if you’re a beginner…. 

This class will be good for beginners who want to explore their interest, and for semi-professionals who want to develop new skills in buttercream design.


Tiny Flowers

Those are some very small, tiny, Crassula perforata flowers. So small that in person they just look like dead flowers. But no, up close they are alive. ALIVE!

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