Blasted Spurges

Euphorbia griffithii “Fireglow” looks very similar to Euphorbia “Excalibur” except with a little bit of fire glowing in the sepals. (I mean that it’s orange instead of yellow.)

These will grow to a beautiful 3 feet tall, if you are a good gardener, mostly vertical. Even before the blooms come out, there’s a lot of red in the stems and the leaves. Eventually, the blooms prays will fade to yellow, and then you’ll know winte3r is upon us.

While evergreen, mostly, you can cut these back in winter if you like. They don’t have a lot of real shrubby structure, more like a whole bunch of vertical stems.

Ideal as a deer barrier, they are also an amazing touch of late summer color that pokes up through other more drab shrubs.

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