Big Winter News

It must get cold in Minnesota in winter. They recommend that gardeners should start thinking about houseplants. You think? From the Chisago County Press:

Now that we’ve had a few really hard frosts and our outdoor gardens begin their long winter rest, you may be inclined to turn your attention to a little indoor gardening.

That’s quite the suggestion for a newspaper in winter. Anything more specific?

Now there are endless choices of… succulents…. to brighten up our living spaces… (d)ue to the sun’s angle, winter light is less intense…. Garden Centers that are open year round will usually have a nice selection of… Christmas Cactus….

Well done. Now, can you share with us any favorites you may have? Any specific species?

My personal favorites are the many interesting succulents that can be grouped together.

Close enough.

I like having conversations with newspaper articles. It’s fun. I wonder if I could turn entire books into interview style blog posts?

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