Belleville Cactus Makes the News


Jim Averbeck with the blooming cacti on his back patio Wednesday morning. – Pat Kuhl/BND

I find it interesting that blooming cactus are such big news that they make the newspapers. Yesterday it was an agave and today it’s echinopsis (probably).

I wonder where Belleville is. I would guess Indiana. Should I read the whole article and not just look at the pictures and report back to you? OK, hold on….Illinois!

I was close. Also, Jim tells the paper that his blooms are nocturnal, although they seem to be open during the day in the picture above. Maybe it’s because it’s a grey day. Apparently Jackie found the parent plant 50 years ago

…in the alley behind the Dutch Girl restaurant on West Main Street in Belleville. (The Dutch Girl is now Fischer’s).

I wonder what other treasures you could find back there now?

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