Barrel Transplanting

We get follow-up questions about transplanting.

Dear Hap,

Thank you so much… This is encouraging to hear. Is there a better time to move them than others – spring, fall, would now be OK?

Now is good. You do not want to wait until it is too hot and the plants are in “conservation mode” or winter where the ground is cool and wet as that can lead to rot problems.

I understand I need to be careful on where I re-plant them to try and match the same sun exposure and conditions.? They are currently in a morning shade-corner in the back yard and I want to move them to the front where they will get?a?LOT more sun…?

As long as they are use to full afternoon sun you do not need to worry
about more light, afternoon sun is the strongest and hottest so if they
are getting that now they will be fine.

Should I keep them covered for a while?

If they are not getting full afternoon sun now and you move them then
putting some 50% shade fabric over them for a few weeks and then weaning them off shade will help keep them from getting sunburned. And yes make sure you mark the plants with which way is south and keep them orientated the same way when you replant.

Do you suggest I keep them out of the ground for a few days to let the roots dry??

Only if your soil is wet, which in your area shouldn’t be true…

And does the soil I plant them in have to be dry as well or can it be moist?

It should be kept dry for at least a week or two after transplanting. Some moisture is fine but do not actually water them.

Sorry for all of the questions, but I’d really hate to loose these native cactus.

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