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Re: Dying bamboo!!
Hi Peter (and everyone)!When I called about fungus on my bamboo last week, you said to spray it with a warm water/baking soda mix and put a fan on it. So far, no good and it looks like it might be on its last leg. Could you let me know if there’s any way to save it?Thank you!


You can try a more aggressive fungicide. Neem Oil might work as an organic solution sprayed on the plant and drenched in the soil at a 1% solution. Or if you want to go synthetic and a lot more aggressive, ┬áthere are many on the market, though since we don’t use them we can’t really recommend which one to use.


And a followup after the break…

Thanks, Hap. Where can I find Neem Oil? I’d like to stick to organic methods, even if it means failing this first time and trying again.


We carry it and any good nursery should.

It comes RTU (ready to use) and in full strength that you dilute in water. either will work, the RTU is easy, but you are mostly paying for water and the ease of use. If you get the mix yourself make sure to add a few drops of liquid soap to help emulsify the oil in the water and mix well. The nice thing about Neem is it usually works and has very little toxicity to mammals, it is used in organic toothpaste and cosmetics.


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