Australia Mounts National Cactus Show

…in Mt. Waverley. Turns out that’s in Victoria, near Melbourne, so well within distance of a moderate population density to justify the expense of bringing out your cacti.

Here’s the community centre that will be holding all those cacti.

Here’s one of the people showing off his collection.

Heinz Staude with some of the cacti in his own garden. He’s looking forward to the Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia’s annual show this weekend. Picture: Paul Loughnan N19WG206

That’s not a garden. And what else can you tell us about this exciting show?

Society membership secretary Jill Abbott said she expected a crowd of at least 800 over the two-day event.

That’s a lot of people, for an event in Australia which is a very low density country.

“It’s very popular, people are absolutely amazed at what they see and find it hard to leave without buying something.”

I bet it is.

The show will be held at the Mt Waverley Community Centre, corner Miller Cres and Stephensons Rd, from 10am-5pm on November 13, and 10am-3pm on November 14.

Oops. It was 2 weeks ago. Never mind. I hope it went well.

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