August is Prickly Pear Month

Apparently Seniors should be eating more Prickly Pear Fruit. So much so, that Senior Living has declared August’s fruit of the month to be…

Cactus Pear
By Sunrise Senior Living

prickly pear

The cactus pear also contains some nutrients that promote healthy senior living. According to the Mayo Clinic, researchers and doctors have said that the fruit may be able to decrease blood sugar levels for individuals who have Type 2 diabetes, and it’s also been known to treat high cholesterol and obesity.

The next time you head to a farmer’s market or a Latin grocery store, keep an eye out for these fruits.

Well, if you’re a senior who needs your cactus pear fix, I know Berkeley Bowl has some in stock right now, or you can come by Cactus Jungle and get some plants and plant them in the ground and wait til next year to get some delicious fruit of your own.

Click through to the article to find out how to properly prepare the prickly pears.

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