Around the Succulent Blogosphere

Plants are the Strangest People has a frog in a bromeliad.

CactGuy found an interesting planter window box with an overgrown cactus in Dallas.

Far Out Flora is back in town and visiting the Bonsai collection at Lake Merritt.

Oregon Cactus Blog has some stunning deep pink Hoya flowers. I’ve never seen them that pink on a Hoya. Photoshop trick or all natural?

Lithops Stories is repotting some gorgeous Titanopsis calcarea seedlings.

Pitcher Plant Project has a large and successful pot of Sarracenia psittacina growing nicely and photogenically.

Do you have a new Cactus or Succulent Blog or Tumblr and want to share with us? Let us know all about you in the comments. Bamboos and Carnivorous Plant Blogs welcome too.

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