Archos Still Sucks

An update on my broken Archos media player. I spoke with customer service, after an hour on hold getting through to tech support and then another 1/2 hour on hold being put through to customer service, and they will send me another RMA so I can send it back to them and they’ll put another note in there about the problem yet again. When I asked for a new unit, the woman said “Absolutely not.” So the first time I sent it in, they kept it for 1 week, before sending it back unfixed. The 2nd time I sent it in, they kept it 3 weeks before sending it back unfixed. Now they’re offering to take it back a 3 time, maybe to keep it for 5 weeks this time? They’ve had this unit in their shop for more time than I’ve had it in my home.

I called their US corporate offices and spoke to someone named John, and he said he would look into it for me.

In the meantime, Here’s a clearer video of the problem. I also figured out that the problem is with the screen, and not with the motherboard or other internal hardware. Interesting.

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