Antique Cactus Print

What makes this an antique? It’s old.

Visiting Cards Cape Good Hope Africa Cactus Print 1883

It’s from a newspaper or magazine, and it appears to be an editorial cartoon. There’s some words on the cactus pads indicating something that must have been important in 1883, but I can’t read it from this image. If someone goes ahead and buys the original print, please let us know what it says so we can understand the context. Of course, we probably won’t understand the context anyway, not being from the 19th century and all.

Some days I feel like I should have been born in an earlier era, but not the 19th century. Maybe I could have had a lot of success in the 18th century. I could have been an explorer! Or a deckhand on a ship that went exploring into the pirate coast of Tripoli! That would have been exciting.

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