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I liked yesterday’s <span style="font-style: italic;">We Don’t Get Questions</span> feature so much that I decided to run another one of my own questions to myself. Like yesterday, I have emailed myself a question, and then emailed myself a response, and then posted it here on the blog. Check the timestamps if you don’t believe me.<br /><br />Q: Cactusblog, <br />I found a small cactus in my backyard that I like, and I was wondering, can I pot it up and bring it inside?<br />Thanks,<br />Peter<br /><br />A: Peter,<br />Well, that depends. Do you want to keep the plant alive? If so, then you should pot it into a good well-draining cactus soil, taking care not to disturb the roots when doing this. And then put it in a sunny south or west-facing window. Keep the soil dry for the first few weeks. And then water every three weeks, allowing the pot to drain completely. <br /><br />But here’s the key to the whole endeavor: <span style="font-weight: bold;">Wait ’til Spring.</span> Don’t do it now. The cactus is dormant, and won’t like being transplanted, and in fact the whole plant will become rot-prone and could catch an infection and could even turn into a lovely little brown ball of mush.<br /><br />Hope that helps,<br />Cactusblog<br /><br />

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