Another Anecdote

Since the plural of anecdote isn’t data, I’ll grab a whole mess of anecdotes, way more than just “plural,” before claiming I have insight into the economy.

So here’s another anecdote for you to ponder without any conclusions drawn, until the end of the anecdote that is.

So I was sitting around at Cafe Trieste watching my friend Tara draw kittens for a show going up in a gallery in SF next April when I saw the barista slam an espresso drink and then he ate a slice of prickly pear fruit!

From this I deduce that cactus are going to be the next big addition to the local locavore movement. Get your cactus now while the gettings good, before they’re all eaten up. Also next spring, we’re going to start carrying organic vegetable starts for all you local Bay Area locavores.

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