Amazing Scottish Blooming Cactus

The Selkirk Weekend Advertiser is amazed, amazed by Mary Lawrie’s blooming cactus.

Selkirk’s Mary Lawrie with the tiny cactus she bought 32 years ago and left it in the small toilet of her Castle Street home.

That is amazing! 32 years in a toilet, and it’s still alive! I assume she never flushed… Oh, wait, I think in Scottish-speak that must refer to the room, not the fixture… OK, so what else can you tell us, great Scottish Advertiser?

After 30 years, it suddenly produced a flower.

Nifty! Does Mary have anything to say about this?

“It has the most beautiful flower. It comes out first like a grey furry thing that grows and grows ’til it gets to about eight inches long and then it opens. It’s like somebody pulled your ear out and stretched it, that’s what it looks like. The flower is so heavy the plant can’t maintain the weight of it. It’s dead now.”

I can just hear her accent in that quote. Thank you Mary for your 30 years long persistence.

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