Alien Cactus

Must have been found near Roswell, NM.

“I can’t say for sure, but given that it seems to be associated with the meteor, it probably came from outside our solar system,” (David) Salman says in a recent video interview released this morning on High Country Gardens’ YouTube channel.

Salman says he was on a routine seed-collecting mission west of Roswell – the undisputed locus of extraterrestrial preoccupation since the late 1970s, when the alleged UFO crash of July 8, 1947 was brought to the world’s attention – when he was drawn to the unmapped meteor crater by a “faint glow.” Closer inspection revealed the light coming from a colony of small cacti yet unfamiliar to Salman…

“(I)t’s very possible that this meteor that hit near Roswell, perhaps it broke up in the atmosphere and other pieces maybe crashed in South America or Africa or Eurasia,” he says.

OK, so I looked at the date of the article and it’s 3/31 – i.e. NOT April 1st. Plus, if it’s alien, it’s not a cactus. Just saying. But if it is alien, then that’s pretty big news. Too big for just the Las Cruces Times Picayune. Alert the New York Times! The Washington Post could use a scoop!

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