Agave Ready to Dig Up

Want to dig up a giant Agave in Oakland? Let us know!

I’ve been doing some research online and came across your shop. I live in Oakland, will be relandscaping the yard in the coming months, and have a giant agave plant that we’ll be getting rid of. The main plant is 5′ tall and ~8′ across, and there are at least a half-dozen smaller plants right around it.

photo 1-1

It seems like a shame to destroy the plant, but they also seem quite difficult to move – so I’ve just started emailing to see where I might find a gardener or nursery that would be interested. I have no idea whether an agave of this size is even desirable or whether my best bet is just to get rid of it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’ve attached a couple photos of the plant.


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