A Good Reason to Plant Succulents in Hexham

The Hexham Courant has a list of very fine reasons why you should be planting succulents in your UK garden.

Well, not a whole list, mind you. Not even a list at all. More like one reason tucked into an article about something else entirely.

GARDEN pests are not all green and wriggly or brown and multi-legged. Some have just two legs, strong arms and an un-marked white van.

These garden pests are not after your tender succulents; they crave your top-of-the-range Hayter, your granite Japanese pagoda, and your bronze planters.

We in the North East spend almost £100m annually on our gardens – that works out at £100 for every household. And every year a percentage of us lose our carefully-selected garden additions to thieves.

One home insurer, Sainsbury’s, estimates its average payout for theft from gardens is nearly £300, and warns people to take action now.

That is something I never thought about, planting succulents because the thieves don’t want them. Good to know.

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