2nd Prize at the County Fair

Some of the stories we publish here on the Cactus Blog have international import (not many, I didn’t say most, but some) and some stories are primarliy of local interest. Like when someone’s agave blooms and the local paper prints a whole article about it. I love those stories! This story is also of the somewhat local variety.

Geri Maitlen’s four-part entry took second place in the “large” category at the Rock Island County Fair.

Congratulations Geri.

I wonder where Rock Island County is? The paper is the Quad City Times. To the google! And the answer is….


I wonder…. Do other blogs publish local interest stories from halfway across the country, make silly comments about them, and then link to the local sheriff’s most wanted page? If you were wondering why I selected that link, it’s the first link that comes up on google. Try it yourself. Interesting.

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