Glass and Terrariums

Cactus Jungle carries a full line of high quality Terrariums, Terrarium Glass, and Glass Vases!

Large climate controlled BiOrb Terrariums

New Glass Terrariums

Airplant Terrariums start at $9.95

2 Sizes of Terrarium Kits – Ready to go!

Wall Bubbles


Little Cubes

Hanging Glass

Sea Urchin Shells

Mixed Succulents

A lot of Airplants


Most include Air Plants (Tillandsias), Many are planted with succulents and other small houseplants.

We also carry mixed preserved mosses, colored sand and colored gravels and a full range of terrarium ornaments including Mini Animals

There’s a lot of Airplant Terrariums

Succulent Terrariums

Succulent Terrariums in Wind Tunnel Glass

Colored Sands

Small Hanging Terrarium Glass

Larger Hanging Terrarium Glass

Tabletop Glass Terrariums w/Dinosaurs


So Many Airplants

Sputnik Urchins

Little Cube Terrariums

Hanging Terrariums

Handblown Glass and Wood Terrariums

Succulent Terrariums

Houseplant Terrariums

Teardrop Terrarium Glass

Hanging Succulent Terrariums w/Frog

Tabletop Succulent Terrariums

Hanging Glass Balls

Large Handblown Terrarium Glass

More Airplants