Pottery, Glazed and Terra Cotta Pottery

Cactus Jungle has the biggest selection of Terra Cotta Pottery in the Bay Area at the lowest prices.

We carry a full line of every size of standard pot in width and height, from 2in. to 24in.; standard, rose (tall), azalea (short) and bulb-pan (very short). Plus a large selection of bowls and troughs, square and rectangular, large and small, square-edge and rolled-rim, modern and traditional.

We also carry a selection of glazed pots, indoor pots, concrete pots and a few troughs. Strawberry pots, oval pots, orchid pots, bonsai pots, pot feet, terra cotta and glazed saucers.


Plus iron stands and rolling carts for large plants.

Glazed and Resin and Terrazzo Pots

Glazed Pots

All our terra cotta pottery is the highest quality pot for your plants from Italy, Germany, China or the U.S.

red-clay-pottery-azaleaAzalea Pot

red-clay-pottery-bulb-panBulb Pan

red-clay-pottery-heavy-rimHeavy Rolled Rim

red-clay-pottery-high-standHigh Standard

red-clay-pottery-ridged-bowRidged Bowl

red-clay-pottery-standardStandard Terra Cotta

red-clay-pottery-low-bowlLow Bowl


Clay-StrwStrawberry Pot


glazedSmall Glazed Pots

orchidOrchid Pots

red-clay-pottery-pot-feetPot Feet

glazed-potfeetPot Feet

Saucer-Glazed-insideGlazed-Inside Saucer

terrasia-sq-saucerLarge Square Saucers

Plus we have special purchases and new styles always hanging around. Just ask.

Please note that we do not ship pottery.