Edithcolea grandis

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Common Name:

Persian Carpet Flower


Eastern Africa


Family: Apocynaceae (former Asclepiadaceae)

Stiff, angular, spiny, modeled stems that form a slowly trailing hanging display. Produces slightly fuzzy ornate flowers up to 6″ across in the fall!

Sprawling lithophyte that grows in the shade between limestone rocks in North Eastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula

Should be watered once every 1 to 2 weeks during the summer, keep dry in winter. Grow in an extremely well draining media (mostly pumice), a mix of crushed limestone or decomposed granite (DG) and pumice works very well! Plants are extremely rot-prone, and can be difficult for beginners. Enjoy extremely bright light to full sun. Keep above 40°F.


Temperature: Hardy to 40F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Extra Chunky

Low Water

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