Alluaudia adscendens

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Family: Didiereaceae

This is the tallest species of Didiereaceae reaching 50 feet in habitat, however it is a very slow growing species that rarely exceeds 15 feet in cultivation under ideal conditions. Plants are densely spined, with beautiful dark green vertical leaves which line the stems during the growing season.

Found in the Mandrare River Basin of Southern Madagascar

This is a relatively easy to grow species if protected from winter rain and frost. Very well established plants can survive light frost. Plants are best kept in a greenhouse or indoors in a bright south facing window. These plants enjoy a well draining media with very light organics and heavily amended with pumice. Should be watered once every other week during the summer and left dry in winter.


Temperature: Hardy to 30F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Extra Chunky

Low Water

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