Albuca spiralis

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Common Name:

Corkscrew Albuca


South Africa


Family: Hyacinthaceae

Unusual bulb with deciduous curly leaves up to 8 inches tall. Leaves curl more in full sun less curly in shade. Cute green-yellow classic Hyacinth-like flowers in spring

Western South Africa, Cape Province through Namaqualand.

These plants do best potted in a well draining media, heavily amended with horticultural pumice. In shade or part shade the bulb can be slightly exposed, in full sun the bulb must be fully buried. This bulb is from a winter rainfall region and is summer deciduous should be watered once every other week in the winter and left completely dry in the summer (June through August).


Temperature: Hardy to 20-25F

Full Sun to Part Shade

Extra Chunky

Low Water

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